Un Corff EP

by Un Corff

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This is an EP with 3 songs: Travelling Woman, Follow Me and Bed of Roses. Un Corff is an ever changing group of musicians from different Christian faith groups who play together, one body, for the love of God.
The painting on the cover is by Swansea artist, Alan Perry.


released June 4, 2015

These tracks are made by Fr Tim, Dr Jo Judge, Rob Howells, Mark Hutfield, Leslie Sheills, Rob Charles and Andrew King.



all rights reserved


Fr Tim UK

Church in Wales priest, poet and musician. Solo artist and guitarist, vocalist, didj player with ecumenical group Un Corff.

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Track Name: Un Corff with Fr Tim - Travelling Woman
Come in travelling woman
Come in from the cold
Lay down mystic lady
Lay down at my fire

Well girl you got your hunger
You got your unsanitary hair
And when you chase your anger
They better beware

But do you get the feeling
These shapes have flashed before
And do you hit the ceiling
As I love you full and raw

Repeat verse 1
Repeat final verse to fade
Track Name: Un Corff with Fr Tim - Follow Me
Intro – G – Bm – F - C
Follow me, up on the coloured moonshine G Bm
Up, like a bird, to the hungry, red sky F C
Where the unicorn meets the surfin’ lion G Bm
And mythical friends are just learnin’ t’ fly now F C

Can you feel the pain go? Fdim C
Can you feel the sunglo’ Fdim C

Yes and I’ll take you to a mystical land G Bm
For playin’ love games an’ feedin’ on rhyme F C
You can watch the monkeys dance in the sand G Bm
And nobody’s ruled by old father time F C

Can you feel Fdim C
Can you see Fdim C
Can you agree Fdim C
What it is G
To really be F
Free? C

Whole structure repeats – song ends with G F C recycled
Yes and follow me down to the indigo wood
Where little folk laugh on Robin Hood’s bow
And Marian’s there, making bad turn to good
And even Prince John hopes the ganja will grow

Can you feel the pain go…
Track Name: Un Corff with Fr Tim - Bed of Roses
you died in a bed of roses
we stuck the thorns right through your brain
but even then, while your children watched you bleeding,
you threw down the flower to mankind

‘hey, hey you, you were one of his disciples’
‘no, not me, I’ve never seen that man before’
‘yeh. we saw you dance with him in the garden’
‘no, no, it’s not me, it’s not me you’re looking for…
(who is this jesus, anyway?)

ain’t it funny how the words just fall out easy
when we ask you in our beds to set us free
but when the time comes to stand up for our saviour
we run, so fast, to hide inside our sleep

now as my mask of a thousand Sunday mornings
gives me the right to be beside you when I die
I know it doesn’t matter that I’ve killed a hundred brothers
Well I did it for you and for ‘freedom’ anyway

‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. Father, forgive them, they know not what they do’